Encapsulation and Potting of Electronic Components
and Cable Assemblies.


Sherwood Electronics Ltd has invested in the BOFA FumeCAB 1000 iQ integrated filtration system, it has been designed to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.


Partial enclosures are becoming the recommended extraction option for a variety of applications. Government bodies, including the HSE in the UK are now making direct reference through guidance documentation such as the new HSG258 to their use.


The practice of encapsulating and potting electronic components is a well established process designed to protect sensitive components such as printed circuit boards, automotive electronics, control boxes and cable joint assemblies from vibration, high humidity or other harsh environmental conditions.


We can recommend the most suitable systems, components and consumables for manual or automatic dispensing.

Potting Cable Assemblies Potting Cable Assemblies Custom Cable Assemblies Custom Cable Assemblies




Custom Cable Assemblies


Encapsulating and potting electronic components is designed to protect delicate circuitry. The moulding creates a barrier against the elements, this protection could be required for a number of reasons:-




Mechanical shock
Thermal shock
Vibration and shock
Chemical attack
Extreme temperatures
Wide thermal cycles
Flame retardation
Water immersion
Improved robustness of product
Improved electrical insulation



Our ability and expertise to respond to projects from concept to completion is recognised by some of the largest companies in the world.


Should you require pricing, lead times, data sheets or samples for approval we would be pleased to hear from you.








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