Bespoke Cable Assemblies


Sherwood Electronics Ltd manufacture bespoke cable assemblies for the Rail, Medical, Telecomunications, Military, Automotive, Industrial Control and Networking Industries.


Sherwood Electronics are a specialist in the production of cable assemblies that are used in the most hostile conditions and enviroments.


Our in-house design team can analyse your application and advise you during your design phase, we can recommend solutions that precisley meet the performance and specification required, we can produce prototype samples for evaluation and approval.


Once approved, our manufacturing capability is extremely flexible and can accomodate most Bespoke cable assembly requirements on both low and High volume batches.


Bespoke Cable Assemblies Custom Cable Assemblies Bepsoke Cable Assemblies Custom Cable Assemblies




Custom Cable Assemblies

Bespoke cable assemblies for a wide range of industrial needs are produced, wether pre-cut, split, terminated, crimped or soldered, Sherwood Electronics can produce most Bespoke cable assemblies required.


Sherwood Electronics has tooling for cable assembly solutions across mutiple industries. The cable assembly tooling present at our Nottingham facility is as follows:


Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500
Schleuniger EcoStrip 9320
Schleuniger OmniStrip 9400
Mecal Crimp Presses
GLW Ferrule Machine
JST PP3 Crimp Machine

Schleuniger Unistrip 2015
Schleuniger Unistrip 2500
GLW EC65 Crimp Machines
Automatic Screwdrivers
Weller Solder Stations




We have the capability to terminate a large variety of crimp solutions by all the major manufacturers, such as: MOLEX, JAE, JST, TYCO, HARWIN, EDAC, FCI, LEOTRONICS, HIROSE plus many more.


We maintain the highest standards, employing statistical process control, inspection, electrical tests, and quality controls at each stage of manufacture.


To ensure we can offer the best possible Bespoke Cable Assembly Service, Sherwood Electronics Ltd have achieved the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015
UL Approved and Listed ( E474869 )


Custom Cable Assemblies
Custom Cable Assemblies

UL Certificate


ISO Certificate


IPC-A-610 Approval


IPC-WHMA-A-620C Approval




Custom Cable Assemblies

The Sherwood Electronics accreditations means our cable assembly manufacture and testing capabilities meet the stringent requirements of the Rail, Medical, Telecomunications, Military, Automotive, Industrial control and Networking industries.


We pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to react quickly to customer requirements for Bespoke high quality cable assemblies.


If you have any cable assembly requirements or you need help with the design phase of your project, please do not hesitate to contact Sherwood Electronics Ltd, if you feel we could help you in any way, we would be pleased to hear from you.





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