Sherwood Electronics Ltd - Brexit
How we plan to achieve our objectives



Since the UK referendum result on membership of the European Union (EU) in June 2016, Sherwood Electronics has been working to assess the likely impacts of Brexit on its customers and suppliers.


The priority of Sherwood Electronics is to ensure that we offer continuity of service and supply to our customers, this statement is produced to give clarification to our customers and suppliers on how we plan to achieve our objectives.


Our investigation has identified a number of key areas for a potential Brexit disruption. We have focused on the area’s that could have impact on our ability to service our customers. Our assessment is that the probable impact on Sherwood and our customers will be relatively low, we would like to provide more detail on these key areas.


The most likely area of impact could possibly include future customs arrangements. Sherwood's have a significant number of customers based in the UK and in the EU and non-EU countries. We have vast experience at both exporting to and importing from the EU and our Sherwood production facilities in Taiwan and China.


We are familiar with customs declaration arrangements and have built excellent relationships with our freight forwarders who export and import our products. We are in regular contact with our Sherwood production facilities in Taiwan and China regarding the impact of future legislation arrangements, and if changes are required, we will act promptly and update our customers and suppliers.


We are not currently aware of any significant issues that are likely to impact supply, and will continue to asses this closely as discussions and agreements become clearer


We are also aware that a number of our UK suppliers source some of their components/materials from outside the UK. We have been in contact with key suppliers and are unaware, at this stage, of any that will have significant supply issues, beyond the potential short-term disruption at borders and for customs clearance in the event of a no-deal outcome.


Sherwood Electronics, in the coming months, will maintain regular contact with our UK, EU suppliers and our Sherwood production facilities in Taiwan and China. We will continue to assess their arrangements and keep our customers informed regarding any issues regarding future supply. We are committed to providing our customers with information that can help mitigate the possible uncertainties surrounding Brexit.




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