Sherwood Electronics UK cable Assembly service expansion


To meet the growing demand for Standard and Bespoke cable assemblies, Sherwood has announced a 30% expansion of its UK cable assembly service. This significant investment is part of an initiative the company has undertaken to support the growth in UK manufacturing in the last 12 months.


As part of this expansion, Sherwood has increased its manufacturing capacity and the supporting teams behind it. These services include production, purchasing, Quality control and our design development team, this ensures our growth will continue and service levels are maintained to all our customers.




Solder type Cable Assemblies

Sherwood Electronics can manufacture a wide range of simple to complex discreet wiring looms. 9-50 way Male and Female D-Subs, 15-78 way Male and Female High Density, Circular, Audio, Video, DIN and Mini DIN.



Bespoke Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies that will stand up to the most rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental applications for the Automotive, Military, Aerospace, Rail, Medical, Telecoms, Industrial Control, Electronics and Networking industries.



IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Available in a wide range of IDC assemblies in 1.27mm, 2.0mm, and 2.54mm pitches. We offer a complete Ribbon Cable assembly service.



Moulded Cable Assemblies

A wide range of fully moulded cable assemblies including RS232, Parallel, USB 2 & 3, DVI, HDMI, SCSI, SATA, Mini Din, PS2 & KVM, and IP67 Water Proof Cables.




Discreet Wire Cable Assemblies

Competitively priced on short lead times, a wide range of simple to complex Discreet Wiring Looms. We can manufacture looms using AMP, Molex, JST, Berg, ITT, FCI, Hirose, JAE, Harwin, and many more



Moulded Power Cables

A wide range of Moulded Power Cables all designed for reliability and long life with a wide choice of power connectors. UK, US & Euro Plugs, IEC C13 & C14, C5, C7, C19, C20 and any custom configuration required.



RF Coax Cable Assemblies

A full range of custom made RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies Cables are available with the most commercially available RF connector series mounted to either flexible cable or semi-rigid conformable cable.



Military Spec Cable Assemblies

Custom security and military cable assemblies, wiring looms and custom wiring harness solutions for use in almost all environments and applications.




Locomotive Cable Assemblies

Train door wiring looms, railway track signalling cable assemblies, and rail signalling equipment cable assemblies. We can produce any wiring and control panel assembly for the rail industry.



LVDS Cable Assemblies

LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signalling) cables are custom made to interface between your LCD and Control PCB or Embedded Mother Board. Shielding options available. Fully customised to meet your specific requirements.



Automotive / OBD II

OBD-II Cable Assemblies compatible with many popular vehicle specifications. For more information the please contact the sales office.



Cat5e / Cat6 UTP/FTP Patch Cables

A wide range of Cat5e and Cat6 Patch Cables with a wide choice of lengths and colours. Available booted and unbooted in both UTP and FTP.




This Expansion gives customers 'peace of mind', knowing that every cable assembly supplied by Sherwood is competitively priced, High Quality, to the exact specification and delivered on time to the date requested by the customer.


The comprehensive range of High Quality cable assemblies manufactured by Sherwood Electronics has expanded to include, Standard Solder type and IDC cable assemblies, to ruggedised cables for harsh environments, to highly complex cable assemblies with ultra-flexibility, ultra durability, extreme temperature variation, extreme degrees of pressure, Waterproof, Submersible, cables that can withstand degradation caused by sea, air, or UV rays, cables that require Potting and Encapsulation, custom shielding or specific jacketing, moulding, company logos, enhanced moulded strain relief grommets and with specific colour requirements.


Should you require pricing, lead times, data sheets or samples for approval we would be pleased to hear from you.






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